Family + Youth

We desire to connect with you and your growing family!  One of the greatest foundations of Pilgrim Lutheran Church is the focus and attention given to the next generation.  We value you and want to be a strong support for each stage of you children’s life.  Please contact us if you would like more information on a particular program or event, or with any questions or ideas.  Thank you!

A word from Shannon – Pilgrim’s Director of Family + Youth Ministries!

Shannon, Kate, and Jenee with all the soft goods for the donation drive (May 2019)

The difference that a year makes continues to blow my mind! 

May was my one year anniversary of being at Pilgrim. In some ways, I still feel new, and in other ways I feel that I have been a part of the Pilgrim family for years. 

As I’ve been planning and working on all of our summer programs, I keep coming back to the busy-ness that surrounds us. Trying to find the right balance between going, experiencing, doing, and being present, relaxing, connecting is difficult.

This summer, we have so many things going on. Ways to grow, serve, connect, and worship God. The Family + Youth program is so excited about all the many ways that we can connect with you in the midst of your summer plans. Take a look at the calendar below, check out the youth board in the church narthex, sign up for a few things, and join us as we celebrate God’s love this summer! 

We also understand that it is difficult when you are scheduling for only yourself, and then to have to add in the schedules of multiple people and make time to be together as a family, it gets exponentially harder. We want you to know, even as we promote these programs and invite you to participate at Pilgrim. May you find opportunities to rest, refresh, renew, and grow this summer. 

With Peace, Hope, and Christ’s Love,

Connecting with Shannon:

Office Phone: 253.848.3680 ext. 104
Office hours: Monday – Wednesday (12pm-4pm)

Available with calls or texts
Cell Phone: 920.763.7812