Youth & Family

We desire to connect with you and your growing family!  One of the greatest foundations of Pilgrim Lutheran Church is the focus and attention given to the next generation.  We value you and want to be a strong support for each stage of you children’s life.  Please contact us if you would like more information on a particular program or event, or with any questions or ideas.  Thank you!

A word from Shannon – Pilgrim’s Director of Family + Youth Ministries!

The SWWA Synod Youth Network Lunch in Jacksonville, FL (Jan 2019)

The time continues to fly by!

In January, I was able to go to a conference with over 500 other youth workers, pastors, and leaders in Jacksonville, Florida. We talked the story of Moses to see how God shows up in the midst of disruptions, and sometimes is active in the disruptions of ministry. I am excited about the learning, the extra resources, the brainstorming ideas, and much more to bring back to Pilgrim.

Pilgrim Wednesdays are almost ready to transition to Lenten services. We are going to be trying some things, and I am excited to take a pause and focus on Christ’s journey as we prepare ourselves and our own journeys for the gift of Easter.

Programs and events are in full swing, there are multiple opportunities to connect at Pilgrim throughout the week and throughout the month.

I am still going to concerts, games, and activities. It has been interesting to learn about wrestling and soccer and running this year, just to support our youth. What do you do? I’d love to learn and come and support you as well!

My goal for the rest of this school year is to take every youth to coffee or a treat for a one-on-one. I hope that we can connect!

With Peace, Hope, and Christ’s Love,

Connecting with Shannon:

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