Summer 2020

Resources provided by ELCA World Hunger

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for taking an interest in how we can engage in faith formation together “off-line” during this time of COVID19. After many conversations with parents and families, everyone is getting burned out of screens and online meetings. We have put this resource together as a way to help you as parents and youth to connect with God, your neighbors and community, and your families and yourself.

While everything can be done without ever going online, there are some things that we encourage you to learn more about and provide resources for you as parents that ARE online. These are not needed to fully participate; these are meant only as resources to help equip you as leaders of faith formation at home.

We hope that you will take pictures of the things you are doing together and share them with us. You can share them via social media – Facebook or Instagram – via email, or through text messages.

As we continue to open up programs at Pilgrim, we will offer more opportunities to come to the church. We are starting with drive-thrus, drive-ins, and campfires. We are still working on what August will look like and activities to offer.

Summer is split into two, with the first part being focused on being outside and looking at God’s good creation. Dr. Dawn Rundman from Sparkhouse has said, “Our bodies and brains respond in marvelous ways to the change of pace, the change in scenery, the change in air and temperature and atmosphere.” Our hope is that this first part of summer will provide ways of change that also provide ways to connect.

The second part of summer, we intend to focus on looking at “Who is my neighbor?”. We will announce in July what our activities will look like for the end of summer. We are still trying to watch for how the world around us continues to open and react to COVID19 and we are hopeful that we can gather in person for more small activities throughout summer.

Throughout the whole summer, we are partnering with Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA)’s World Hunger and Thrivent to provide all of this summer’s curriculum, supplies, and more at no cost to you. That being said, ELCA World Hunger is also our mission partnership. You will learn about God’s Global Barnyard as well as how they support and walk alongside of communities. You do not have to donate any money! However, if you would like to, information is provided in the adult pack for how to do so.

Our Family + Youth Team has been working very hard to find ways to walk alongside of you on this ever-changing journey. Please feel free to give us your feedback and thoughts. This is our first time trying this, so we also want to be open to making changes if things are not working the way we intended. Media, movie links, and resources will be available throughout the summer at and on our Facebook page.

Many prayers, much hope, peace and blessings to you,

Shannon Fleischfresser