Pilgrim Prayer Challenge – Week Five 2018

5 Weekly Encouragements for Praying Pilgrims!

5. Prayer: It matters.

“The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” James 5:16

Are you a believer in Jesus? If so – guess what? You fit the description of the person in the above verse. You are righteous. You are clothed in the righteousness of Christ, and are able to stand boldly before the Lord of All. Don’t doubt it! Your prayers are powerful; your prayers are effective; your prayers count; your prayers are heard.

Is there a person, or a cause that is tearing at your heart today? Do you know of someone in the throes of suffering and are desperate to help? Today – pray fervently, pray boldly, pray confidently and without despair – even if the words are as simple as “Lord, have mercy” or “Lord, I trust You.” It matters.

It’s week 5! Don’t give up – keep praying, and soon daily prayer will be as natural as breathing in and out.

**Helpful Hint: If you tell someone you will pray for them, don’t just say it – do it! Stop what you’re doing and pray.


Click HERE to be taken to the Prayer Challenge Resource page for these helpful tools:

  • a recommended prayer format – 5 steps in daily prayer
  • a collection of prayers from others to adopt as your own prayers if you wish
  • an archive of these weekly messages of encouragement

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