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We desire to connect with you and your growing family!  One of the greatest foundations of Pilgrim Lutheran Church is the focus and attention given to the next generation.  We value you and want to be a strong support for each stage of you children’s life.  Please contact us if you would like more information on a particular program or event, or with any questions or ideas.  Thank you!

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A word from Shannon – Pilgrim’s Director of Family + Youth Ministries!

Have you ever gone somewhere that you have been numerous times before and by the time you arrive, you realize you don’t even remember the getting there?

Our lives are made up of many journeys. Some are short, others are longer. The key is that no matter the journey, to try to be present in the moments. Just like going somewhere you’ve been numerous times before, if you are not present you might miss out on a new person, idea, or journey along the way.

In October, I was able to take 3 young girls to a corn maze in the dark. We had only our flashlights to guide us through the muddy maze. Sometimes we got lost, took a few wrong turns, ended up taking an unintentional short-cut, had to rely on the help of those in the maze, and using clues to try to guide our journey. We went into the maze intentionally to wander and eventually find our way out. We laughed, we made memories, we met new people, and we were present together in the moment.

What if we took those same intentions into other parts of our lives? What if we left time to intentionally wander and eventually find our way? What could we learn about ourselves? What could we learn about others on the journey with us?

I hope that you will journey with our Family + Youth Program at Pilgrim this year!

Peace and Blessings,


Connecting with Shannon:

Office Phone: 253.848.3680 ext. 104
Office hours: Monday – Wednesday (12pm-4pm)

Available with calls or texts
Cell Phone: 920.763.7812