Pilgrim Pals Program

YOU are invited to make a HUGE difference in the life of a child here at Pilgrim by becoming a PILGRIM PAL!

WHAT is a “Pilgrim Pal?”mentor_966c
Being a Pilgrim Pal is an opportunity for YOU to connect with a child in the congregation and let them know you care! The goal is to encourage and support a child through conversation, notes, and prayer, and make connections across generations. What fun to get to see the uniqueness of a child designed by God! These kids are a hoot! The time commitment is minimal but you will reap HUGE benefits.

WHAT do I have to do?
Pray for your child and connect with them regularly on a weekly or bi-weekly basis at church! Let them know you care and that they are important. You can do this through a simple “hello,” small conversation and cards/notes. At Christmas, Easter and/or their birthday, a small, simple gift is fine and encouraged… but PLEASE keep it only to those holidays. We want to keep things as even as possible amongst all the Pals and avoid any hurt feelings! Nor do we want these young’uns to start expecting gifts!

HOW do I sign up?
Simply take a “Pilgrim Pal” Packet or print one out from the website and fill out the application form. If you have not filled out a Safety Net packet here at Pilgrim, you are required to fill one out and submit to a Washington State Patrol Background Check. Return both forms to Kim Waterstraat and wait for information about the child you will be pals with!

WHAT resources are available to me?
We have a “Pilgrim Pal’s Calendar” that offers guidelines and suggestions of ways for you to connect with your child every month. We have plenty of bookmarks, stickers, postcards, and small gifts available in the education office that you are welcome to use for your child!

Any questions, please contact Kim Waterstraat. Thank you for considering becoming part of this very valuable way to share God’s love with a child!