Sunday School for Preschool-Tweens:

LIVING THE WORD: Spirit and Truth Publishing

This year, Pastor Steve is switching his series of scripture readings to “The Narrative Lectionary Readings”. Therefore, we decided to try a new curriculum series for JAM, “Living the Word”, which goes hand in hand with the readings the kids will hear at church on Sundays. All lessons and activities connect the scripture to what they will participate in during Sunday School. And each person in your family will hear the same message, and therefore the scripture and meaning can be applied at home and out in the community during the week.

Each week, the kids will bring home a page that focuses on a short background of the lesson, family devotions and discussion questions to engage in during the week! This is a great opportunity to “put into practice” what we have learned and how to keep God in the center of our everyday lives.

We also will begin each week with birthday songs, exploring the Bible, some music and a challenge to carry what we will learn into the upcoming week!

Please register your child (form is HERE); contact Kim Waterstraat for more information.